Standard Vessel Range

Our extensive range of bioreactor vessels gives a wide range of applications in your laboratory. Glass and stainless steel for both cell culture and microbiology fermentation. It's also possible to have us develop a custom vessel design specifically for you. Headplate ports are always configured to customer specification.

Standard Vessel Range

Glass 3.6 L

Glass 5 L

Glass 7.5 L

Glass 13 L

Glass 15 L

Option for internal LED Tube


Stainless Steel Vessels

Specification vessel

  • Total Capacity: 42 Liters
  • Optimal working Volume : 28 Liters
  • Ratio H/D: 2.5 : 1 regarding working volume
  • Material: 1.4435 or 316L stainless steel
  • Finish: Electropolished to an internal finish of < Ra=0.8 and an external finish of Ra=1.
  • Baffles: 4x Baffles
  • Viewing Window: Rectangular window, sidewall mounted above and below the maximum working level. Area of visibility is 14 x 114 mm
  • Vessel lamp in stainless steel

Vessel Headplate

  • 9x Ports 19 mm for septum (e.g. Inoculation valves, Antifoam probe, Manometer).
  • Pressure probe, – 1 Tri-Clamp 2 ½inch (Exhaust Air)
  • Port for vessel lamp
  • Top/side Vessel Entry ports
  • Tri-Clamp ISO DN20 (Air inlet sparger)

Vessel Options

Take a sample from the medium during the fermentation.

LED System
Integrated LED tube.

Customer specific impeller design.
Design your own bioreactor now!