Practical design: one control unit for the whole process.

Complies to all laboratory requirements.


Mechanical or magnetic drive system for stirrer.

Biobased motor with torque measurement.

Light Control

Control from 0-100%.

Light intensity, radiaton and fluorescence sensors. 

Flow Control

Complete flexible gas mix control with mass flow controllers, rotameters and valves for adding gas/fluids.

Pump Configuration

Anywhere from 1 up to 5 Watson Marlow peristaltic pumps integrated.

External extra pumps easily connectable.

Free configurable for feed, base, acid, antifoam and more.

When pump is running the pump will be lighted with LED. 

Direction control and feedback on touch screen.

15" Touchscreen

Intuitive and advanced control of the whole process.

Easy status check with trendlines and parameters

Design your bioreactor now!