Unique Design

Stylish benchtop design built from scratch. Different colors on the cover to customize the design LED light adjustable. Complies to all laboratory requirements. 

12" Touchscreen

Intuitive and advanced control of up to 6 BioBenches at a time.  Touch screen is moveable. Unit can also be used without a touchscreen, controlled from a computer

Proprietary Software

Developed by Biostream software engineers.
Integration of instruction movies and protocols.
Easy adaptation for your specific needs.

High Customizability

1 – 5 Pumps integrated and more pumps outside the unit. Mass flow controllers, rotameters and valves for adding gasses and fluids.
Custom made frontpanel with one-click ports.

User Friendly

Short cables for pH, dO, antifoam and temperature sensors can be quickly plugged in thanks to easy connectors. Plug and play mode for your vessel.

Data Export

Multiple options for data export, including used parameters and setpoints.

Unique Design

Stylish benchtop design built from scratch. Complies to all laboratory requirements


Our philosophy is to integrate all sensor modules and electronic connections in the base unit. This gives the user a clean environment to work. A laboratory is often filled with tubing and disposables which creates a source of danger. To prevent accidents all electrical connections are inside the cabinet.


The LED’s have full RGB capabilities and can be set a custom color. In the future, the LED’s indicate the status of the fermentor, with the possibility to signal an alarm.



Mechanical or magnetic drive system for stirrer.

Biobased motor with torque measurement.

Motor can be placed on mount on top of the controller when not in use.

Light Control

Control from 0-100%.

Light intensity, radiaton and fluorescence sensors.

Flow Control

Complete flexible gas mix control with mass flow controllers, rotameters and valves for adding gas/fluids.

Pump Configuration

Anywhere from 1 up to 5 Watson Marlow peristaltic pumps integrated.

External extra pumps easily connectable.

Free configurable for feed, base, acid, antifoam and more.

When pump is running the pump will be lighted with LED. 

Direction control and feedback on touch screen.

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Proprietary Software

12" Touchscreen

Intuïtive and advanced control of up to 6 BioBenches at a time

Easy status check with trendlines and parameters

Design your own bioreactor now!

Control up to 6 BioBenches with 1 screen