About us

Biostream is a manufacturer of bioreactors in the food, biobased fermentation, algae and cell culture field. In the area of photo bioreactors we have developed and produced bioreactors for different kinds of microalgae and phototrophic bacteria. In the biobased field we are producing equipment for pre-treatment, hydrolyses in combination with fermentation. With the focus on service and R&D we can develop custom solutions which are not available on the market yet. Fermentation in the direction of water technology is becoming more interesting and we will also explore new ideas in this field. Together with several partners we can bring new ideas into fermentation equipment.

Biostream + AlgaePARC

Biostream collaborates with both multinationals and AlgaePARC to develop a sustainable and commercial production chain.

We recently produced a short movie explaining how these reactors are brought to market.